Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Musta mga tols

Hey, how are all of you guys now? Anyway, hope everybody's been doing great after all these long years. I am very much glad that somebody did finally make the effort to put up an online effort. You can just imagine all the time I have been googling you guys just to get something. Good thing I found one of the sis online and she led me here. Anyway, I am planning to set up a webpage for the group. is good but it would be great if we have our own domain that we could play around. We could also have a lot more features that we could work around. If you are interested, please do get put out your thoughts. I also would need you to contribute you images, photos, articles about TAO, our related documents for me to work on. Thanks...


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Welcome Michelle Galdo [The Exporter!]

Hi Chelle!

Great to hear from you, or shall I say read from you , hehehe c",).
Many thanks for posting your current contact info.

For Brothers & Sisters who would have the interests in line with Michelle's business, feel free to contact her using the information below:

name: Michelle Galdo
middle name: Madrigal
address: San Carlos Heights Subd. Quiot,Pardo Cebu
birthdate: Feb. 20, 1974
mobile no.:09262082623
business name: Mimi's
nature of business: (small scale) export fashion jewelry
school: UP Cebu
year grad: 1994

Chelle, will contact you through mobile within the week. Probably after my business presentation.

Good Luck, Chelle!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Welcome Aaron Mangoroban!

Many thanks, tol!!!! c",)

Funny, huh?! You who is now residing at the opposite side of the world was the first one to have posted. I have texted some people here in Cebu or elsewhere in the country. Including those who have the sulkin' spirits when they would missed some parties/activities. I guess it may well depend on the individual. Technology has a way of making people complacent. I wonder if those people are the nostalgic-type who'd love licking the backside of postage stamps, hehehe ;-). If they are, I could suggest a more archaic means -- PIGEONS!!!!

Aaron Mangoroban, our brod has just posted on our official blogsite. For security and privacy purposes we are only posting limited information of Aaron on our site. However, we are keeping some of Aaron's info securely on a different place. For brod's and sis's who wanted to keep in touch with Aaron, you may get the contact info below:

Workplace: John Hopkins University Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Mobile: 1-443-538-1687
Landline: 1-410-594-1614

Warm regards,

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


For some nostalgic brods and sis who have to "distress their minds with imaginings of the past" or simply wanted to bring themselves back to mem'ry lane, you may e-mail me pictures, audio or video snippets of any activity (or yours perhaps, just make sure it's worthy of a GQ or VOGUE cover ) we have in the past. You may e-mail it to me You can write your caption in the message part of your email.

Sieg Sanchez Sison
University of the Philippines - Cebu
BS Mathematics (Comp Sci)
(+63927) 451-6166
(+6332) 235-7226

WELCOME Brothers & Sisters!

Greetings Brods and Sisters!

Finally, the advent of new technology has provided us a way to betterly communicate and update current status and whereabouts.

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention; albeit I'm not the one who invented XML or RSS, the technology that drives this blogsite. I am merely utilising this technology in order for the whole organisation to have a virtual venue to post their ideas and comments, or updates; even as if we are now separated by space and time - either pursuing our dreams and aspirations or gruelling our daily task in life.

Please provide us with the necessary information in order for us to build our database/directory. The following information would be helpful:
Given Name?
Maiden name (for sisters who already got married)?
Date of Birth: Date? Month? Year?
Year Graduated?
Course (if still a student)?
Working? Business? or Independent Professional?
Company name?
Home Address?
Current Residence?
Mobile number?

Just click on the COMMENTS button and type the information.

I'll keep you posted!

Many thanks!

Warm regards,

Sieg Sanchez Sison
University of the Philippines - Cebu
BS Mathematics (Comp Sci)
(+63927) 451-6166
(+6332) 235-7226